Sunday, December 14, 2008

Dreaming of warmer weather...

This freezing cold NYC weather (and the subsequent cold that I caught from being out in it) makes me miss the warm, sun-drenched Bahamas. In going through past posts, I realized I never posted pictures from this summer's "Learn to Cook and Relax" press trip to Eleuthera and Harbour Island (or the Scrubs shoot...but those will come at a later point).

Photos below:

The pink sand beaches of Harbour Island (known as "briland" to locals):

"Queen Conch" stop on Harbour Island cooking crawl. We learned to make our own conch salad:

Cottage at The Cove Eleuthera:

Snorkeling at a pond in Eleuthera (yes, that's an octopus):

Glass Window Bridge in Eleuthera - the dark, menacing-looking Atlantic Ocean on one side, and the turquoise, clear waters of the Caribbean on the other:

Our flight back to the states:

All in a day's work (well...five days, to be exact).

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