Wednesday, October 22, 2008

British Columbia or Bust

Our final destination on our jaunt through Canada was Vancouver, BC. Just driving into the city, I knew that I was going to love it -- a sophisticated urban center set on the edge of nature. The glass-window architecture of the high-rise apartment buildings on the water gives it such an iconic, modern look.

We took the Aquabus to the Granville Island Public Market, where we had a nutritous breakfast of fresh porridge finished with apricots and skim milk. The city of Vancouver is not only asthetically beautiful -- its residents are health-conscious and fit as well (it's so inspiring). At any given hour of the day, regardless of any precipitation falling from the sky (it rained both days we were in town), residents are out hiking, running, rollerblading and just enjoying the outdoors.

Vancouver will be hosting the 2010 Olympics -- and the countdown has begun!

In our two days there, I ate some of the most incredible seafood I'd ever had, sipped delicious Canadian wines (and beers), perused local art and spent plenty of time outside in Stanley Park, emulating the Vancouverites. They certainly have the mind, body, soul thing in check.

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