About Me

Plain and simple: I love to travel. I was lucky enough to grow up with artist parents who wanted to see the world and introduce their children to other cultures. The second I went on my first international trip at the age of 11, I was hooked. Now 15 years later, I just can't shake that travel bug.

These days, I work as a travel publicist in New York City. I'm lucky enough to say that my job allows me to combine my two passions in life - traveling and writing. When I'm not on the road, I'm probably trying a new NYC restaurant, at the gym, with my nose in a book or trying a new recipe in the kitchen. And of course, I'm always planning my next big trip.

In full disclosure, many of the travel opportunities you'll see on the blog are from business trips I take to my clients' destinations; however, the opinions and stories that go along with my adventures are truly my own.