Friday, August 19, 2011

Beatlemania at Yankee Stadium

According to Klout, one of the things I'm most influential on is Paul McCartney. Now, travel and tourism, public relations, hotels and food.....these topics I understand. But if you want to interact with someone who is truly an expert on Paul McCartney, you need to chat with my Aunt Nancy. A self-proclaimed Beatlemaniac, Nancy is an expert on all things Paul.

When the Fab Four first came to the United States in 1964, my mother and aunt were among the lucky young ladies who got to see them perform live at Ed Sullivan Theater. Those shrieking, crying girls in the video footage? I have yet to spot them, but can only imagine.

Fast forward 47 years and countless concerts, Aunt Nancy finally got to see Sir Paul up close and personal - from the front row at last month's "On the Run" concert at Yankee Stadium. Before the show, we had a big family tailgate and enjoyed a delicious spread of gourmet food (only my mom would bring crisp pinot grigio, homemade salads and organic macadamia and white chocolate cookies for a tailgating dessert).

He opened the show with a joke that resonated with the New York City audience. “Who is this Derek Jeter guy?” he asked. “Somebody said he’s got more hits than me.”

We danced, sang and had a blast during the two hour and 45-minute show. He played favorites from "Jet" to "Hey Jude."

A couple of favorite shots (the close-up is from Aunt Nancy....Paul looked like an ant from my nose-bleed seats!):

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